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It is the mission of the FBA to promote the uniquely American tradition of barbecuing meat over natural wood or charcoal-fired heat and smoke through education, family-friendly fellowship, and competition.



The FBA is reviewing its current COVID guidelines while keeping the safety of all members in mind. We expect some contests may have additional state or local requirements to participate in their event. We must all be flexible in order to make this work in a safe way for everyone. These rules are the minimum requirements set by the FBA.

Masks are the responsibility of the individual and will NOT be provided by the Organizer or FBA. Individuals should bring at least one mask to the contest in case of last-minute state or local rule changes.


  1. Your prep area must be cleaned and contain gloves and sanitizer. This will be verified by a Rep and may be reinspected at any time during the event. Failure to maintain a clean working area will result in a DQ. Quat Ammonia is the preferred sanitizer but whatever you chose, please make sure it is tasteless and odorless.
  2. Anyone handling meat, whether raw or cooked, must wear gloves.
  3. Only two members from each team will be allowed to attend the cooks meeting in order to minimize the crowd size. This is where any local and other rules will be discussed. You are responsible for abiding by these rules so please make sure someone from your team is present.
  4. Teams will not be allowed to gather at or near the turn in tables while waiting for turn-ins. Please space yourself appropriately while waiting in the turn-in line.
  5. Clean gloves will be required to be worn by anyone who is turning in boxes.
  6. Boxes no longer need to be sprayed or wiped down with sanitizer prior to turn-in as it causes the box labels not to adhere properly.


  1. Each judge will use a clean fork to remove their sample. One fork will be used for all samples in a given category and will then be discarded. New forks will be used for each category. Please select a sample that is easy to remove without disturbing or damaging other samples. Remember, at no time will forks be used for eating the sample.
  2. No grazing tables will be allowed. Priority for leftovers is to be collected and distributed to the Organizer for the event volunteers. If the Organizer states that they do not want the leftovers, they may be distributed to the table judges, between categories, by the Table Captain only after the table has been released by the Rep.


Table Captains will ensure that their table is sanitized between categories. They can appoint someone to do this job, as long as they verify that it is done.


  1. Volunteers in the turn-in area will be limited to FBA Members only.
  2. Event clean-up and other volunteers in the judging area will be kept to a minimum.


In addition to the materials listed in the sanctioning agreement, the organizer shall provide:

  1. Three individual bags of oyster crackers per judge instead of sleeves of crackers at the tables.
  2. Four plastic forks per judge. This is a minimum of 24 plastic forks per table.
  3. One golf pencil per judge which will be disposed of after the contest.
  4. One spray bottle of odorless disinfectant per table.
  5. Extra rolls of paper towels shall be available.
  6. One bottle of unscented hand sanitizer per table plus one for the rep area.

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