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It is the mission of the FBA to promote the uniquely American tradition of barbecuing meat over natural wood or charcoal-fired heat and smoke through education, family-friendly fellowship, and competition.


The Florida BBQ Association (FBA) became a registered 501 c(7) non-profit corporation in the Summer of 2000.  Hatched by a small group of Central Florida barbeque enthusiasts, they endeavored to create a barbeque organization that placed greater emphasis on being “cook team” friendly.  During the early formative years of the FBA, many “cook team” centric rules and practices were adopted that live on to this day.  For example: no garnish is required in a FBA turn-in box, only pure barbeque; the lowest judge’s score is not dropped, every judge’s assessment of a FBA turn-in box is given equal weight; and the time between meat category turn-ins is one hour instead of 30-minutes.  These are only a few of the features of a FBA contest that sets us apart from the other barbeque sanctioning bodies.  Now, almost 20 years later, the FBA has become one of the most renowned barbeque organizations in America.  In that time, we have gone from sanctioning only a few contests a year in Florida alone to over 20 contests a year.  Our membership is almost 800 strong!  If you’re looking for a barbeque organization to call home, we’d love to have you.


Florida BBQ Association

6800 Gulfport Blvd S Ste 201, #359

South Pasadena, Florida 33707

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