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It is the mission of the FBA to promote the uniquely American tradition of barbecuing meat over natural wood or charcoal-fired heat and smoke through education, family-friendly fellowship, and competition.


The FBA Master Judge Program is designed to recognize those judges who have shown their support for the most judge friendly, cooker friendly competition barbecue circuit around. The FBA Master Judge is there at almost every contest. They provide the teams with a fair and unbiased arena to test their cooking skills.The following requirements must be met to become an FBA Master Judge:

  1. Judge a minimum of 20 FBA sanctioned contests in any 5 year period or less.
  2. Table captain a minimum of 5 times in any 5 year period or less in addition to requirement #1.
  3. Must be a member of the FBA and must maintain that membership.
  4. Must cook with a Pro division cook team at least once during the same 5 year period at an FBA sanctioned contest and submit the completed form HERE to the Lead Rep for the contest in which you cooked.
  5. The Funcook is considered an FBA sanctioned contest for the purposes of judging and master judge.

A variety of Cook Teams are willing to participate in the Master Judge Program to help you meet your cooking requirement. The cook teams require 30 days notice to reserve your space with them at an FBA contest. Please visit cook teams at a contest prior to judging and meet with the head cook directly or contact the Cook Team Committee Chairman, Chris Warren, via Email at CWarren@louisberger.com

Here is a list of teams currently offering to host a judge and to cook with them to meet your Master Judge requirement:

10-4 BBQ

Backyard Bros

Bearded Monkey Twisted Q

Rum Runners BBQ


3050 Dyer Blvd, Suite 178

Kissimmee, FL 34741

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